About Lumenesk

The founders of Lumenesk have been in the lighting industry for over 15 years and  have drawn on their experience in selling lighting to the general public to create Lumenesk.  The owners saw a need for easy DIY ( Do It Yourself ) garden lighting. 

Traditional garden lighting is designed to be DIY but unless you have some understanding in how electrical power works you will find cutting the cable, stripping the insulation back and connecting the bare wires a little confusing.  Add to that the need to understand the difference between LED and tradition Halogen garden lighting and the loads they create on the transformer and you are adding more confusion to your garden lighting dreams.

With Lumenesk we decided that if everything in our system was LED and interconnected easily we would have the simplest garden lighting system on the market.  We simplified garden lighting design by having 3 to 4 different driver sizes, and a handful of connecting cables using a simple waterproof connector.  Using these simple parts you can interconnect every type of Garden light Lumenesk offers to create a stunning night time display of your garden.

So follow the 3 simple steps and you are on your way to a stunning garden lighting package.

Step 1. Choose your Lights.

Step 2. Work out which size driver to use

Step 3. Choose the connecting cables to connect it all together.