Point Extension Cable

ECP-1 Point 1m Extension Cable

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Point Converter Cable

Converter Cable used to change from Lumenesk Connectors to the POINT Deck and Step Light connectors..

- 50cm Long Cable

- IP66 Rated Connectors

- Rated to take 5amps (48watts)

- One of these cables must be purchased when using the POINT Deck or Step light.

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This converter cable is used to connect the Lumenesk Garden system to the POINT Deck or Step Lights.  The POINT Deck and Step Light come with a small connector which does not match the Lumenesk connector.  This cable is required when purchasing the POINT Deck or Step Lights

- 50cm Long Converter Cable 

- Comes with 1 x Lumenesk connector and 1 x Small POINT connector 

- IP66 rated connectors.

- Cable and connectors are designed to carry 5amps (48watts)

The POINT Deck and Step lights come with a small connector.  This small connector is used because the larger Lumenesk Connectors would not fit through the hole you need to cut to install the light. This connection cable needs to be purchased to convert the cable from Lumenesk to the POINT Deck and Step Lights.

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