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DRV150 150watt DRIVER 13.5VDC

NEW ARRIVAL - Due Early October 2017

- 150watt 13.5vDC Driver

- 240volt Input with Australian plug.

- IP66 Rated.

- SAA Approved

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This Driver is designed to have a higher 13.5volt output.  This is higher than the rest of the Lumenesk Drivers.  This driver is specifically designed for large garden systems with over 15 lights.  The higher output helps with voltage drop issues.  To understand voltage drop and the effect it can have on the lighting system, take a look at our "What is voltage drop" page.

- 150watt 13.5Volt DC Driver.

- Comes with an Australian 240volt Plug and two outputs with the Lumenesk IP67 quick connector.

- Driver is IP66 Rated, Fully weatherproof however not to be buried underground.

- Rated to take 150watts load, do not overload the driver.

- This driver is not dimmable. Maximum output 150watts (12 amps).

- This Driver comes with two output tails. Try to split the load over these two outputs.  If this is not possible use the HD Converter cable to bring both outpust back into one single output.  You then need to use the HD (Heavy Duty) extension cables to get to the first light or splitter.

- SAA Approved

- Size 220mm Long x 70mm wide x 46mm high


It is important to calculate how much load the lights you choose will draw and choose the right sized driver to power them.  Take a look at the "How to choose the right driver" page to help you decide which size driver you require.  


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