Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights,  Our Fairy lights add a beautiful feature to any garden back yard, but we have found that our Fairy Lights don't respond to voltage drop very well.  Voltage drop is a problem where as a garden lighting system gets longer the voltage becomes weaker.  Unfortuanately there will be a point in our system where the fairy lights become very dull and will eventually stop.

It is best to keep fairy lights near the driver, or only up to 15m away from the driver.  This rule can vary a bit, and this is where i becomes hard to explain...  Voltage drop can be caused by the length of the cable but also the amount of lights on a system.  So if you only want Fairy lights and this is all that will be connected to your driver then, we can expect the fairy lights to perform very well.  We have even tested the fairy lights with up to 4 x 10m Kits together making them 40m long and they work beautifully.  However if you have a large garden system (up to 15 Lights over a 30m length) and the fairy lights are near the end of the 30m length then we would expect them to perform very poorly.

Feel free to email us anytime to chat about your circumstance and we will see if we can make the system work for you.

To learn more about Voltage drop click here>>>


Cable Length

How long can I make your system go?   The maximum length of our garden lights varies a bit, it is limited by voltage drop which can be affected by a couple of factors.  The best answer we can give is this... We know our systems whether small or large work well up to 40m of cable so we use this as our guide.  The system is capable of going longer but it depends on how many lights are connected to that system.  So if you plan to use  our 150watt driver and connect the maximum number of lights to it then you would be restricted to only a 40m length.  If you use our 100wat driver and only connect 6 lights to it (Total 30watts) then you may find the system would perform quite well up to 60m long.

If you have a system that tests the limits then feel free to email us and we can advise on whether we think it is possible. 


Driver Tips

Are your drivers weatherproof, or can it be buried?  Our Drivers are weatherproof and can handle all sorts of weather but can't be directly buried in the ground.  Here are a few tips...  Mount the driver to the wall next to the power point it will be connected to.  It is better to have it off the ground rather than in the sand, it is also best if it is kept away from a location that may puddle after heavy rain.   

If you need to bury the Driver we suggest digging a hole, place a paving brick in the bottom of the hole (This will keep the Driver off the sand).  Then find a simple plastic cover to place over the driver,  once covered you can fill in the hole.  What we mean by a simple cover might be an icecream container or better still use a Reticulation Solenoid cover, you can buy these from Bunnings or Reticulation shops of a few dollars.


Protecting the cables

Can I leave your cables uncovered?  Our cables and connectors are waterproof, the connector is IP67 which is a very good waterproof rating, and our cables are all double insulated.  Double Insulated means that the cables have 2 layers of protection before the internal wire is compromised.  We are happy for the cables to be left on the ground but we think that the cables will last longer if buried under soil or mulch, this is because our summer sun is very harsh and cable left to bake in the sun year round will eventually perish.