Lighting Effects

Lighting effects

If you are having trouble working out what lights to choose, the following illustrations
show how the lights is cast from each of the lights in the range.

Tree Illust

Achieve this effect with our Garden spotlights.

Lights up to 6m Tall

Miami Rasa
Rico Maho
Big Tree Illust

Do you have really large trees?.

Lights up to 15m Tall


Bollard Illust

Achieve this effect with bollard lights.

Lights out to a 5 metre diameter around the light

Cayman Jaki
Balos Puka
Fairy Illust

You can only achieve this effect with Fairy lights.

Use them in trees or hang them in strings across your yard.

Port Illust

The Port Tall Garden Light can be used to create this lighting effect.

Use them along a pathway and point them back at the ground.

Led strip Illust

Create this look with LED Strip.

Conceal the strip to only see the light wash from the light.

Inground Illust

Inground and Deck lights create this effect.

Different sized lights help to create different effects.

Navio Cape
Manly Cove
Pond Illust

We only have one light that can be used in the water.

That light is the Atlantis

Step Illust

You can achieve this look using step lights.

Mount the step lights about 300mm above the step.


Alora Illust

The Alora will give you this lighting effect.

Great for lighting pathways with little glare from the light itself.