Bayas 700x1500 earth

Bayas 70150 Backlit Wall Art - Earth

bayas 700x1500 stone

Bayas 70150 Backlit Wall Art - Stone

Bayas 70150 Backlit Wall Art - Charcoal

- Bayas 1500mm x 700mm Wall Art

- Includes built in LED Back lighting

- 3mm Aluminium construction

- Finished in Charcoal paint.

- Wall art only - Driver and connecting cables sold separately.

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- Bayas Design 1500mm x 700mm

- 3mm Aluminum Construction, painted in Charcoal

- LED Backlit Wall Art

- 3000K Warm White IP65 Built in LED

- 40mm Bent Back sides creates a light box, trapping the light to produce a stunning effect.

- Built in Hanging points for easy installation.

- Designed for full weather outside installations.

- Designed to connect seamlessly with the full Lumenesk Garden lighting system.

- Connecting cables and driver sold separately.

- Total Load of this sized panel (15 watts)

- Due to freight issues, wall art is not sent out of the Perth Metro area.

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Colour Charcoal